for Participants

Evening reception

Beginning: 6.30 p.m.
Venue: Moscow, 1 Olimpiisky prospekt, 18/1 Moscow Azimut Olympic Hotel, hall “Volga”
Dress code: Cocktail
Transfer starting at 5.45 p.m. from VDNH, Pavillion 75

Evening party programme includes the following:

The host of the evening - Sergey Shubenkov.
A well-known showman, journalist, presenter of a number of TV-projects, including music festival Pesnya Goda-2016 (Rossiya 1), shows Night (Moskva 24) and Perfect Proposal (Yu), State-Run Housing Lottery (NTV), Gosloto, Traffic Rules (Moskva 24), Half-Awake (Sony Entertainment Television) and others.

Fabrika is a Russian pop girl group formed by participants of the first season of a talent show Star Factory. Even those who are not keen on Russian pop art know their songs well. The group has numerous awards, including the Golden Gramophone, 100-Pood Hit and Glamour. Various magazines have many times included the singers into the lists of the most beautiful girls.

Jules Verne band, true rock romantics and drive pioneers, win the hearts of people with a crazy boost of energy and amazing accordion solo!

Beautiful Alexa creates virtuoso accordion arrangements of Barry White’s and Limp Bizkit’s compositions. Max and Seva deal with beat to wind up the public with their bass, drums, choreographic and even acrobatic performances of their own invention.