Road passenger electric transport

Subjects1 of the conference "Road passenger electric transport: perspectives of development" (30 November 2016)

  1. Organization of motor passenger electric transport operation in urban agglomerations.
    • Approaches to the routes selection and optimization considering its length, relief, passenger flow, traffic, etc.
    • Logistics. Organization of  road passenger electric transport continuous duty considering energy balance.
    • Charging infrastructure design.
  2. Component Base.
    • Electric traction drives.
    • Energy storage systems.
    • Charging points.
    • Environment control systems.
    • Motion control systems.
  3. Road passenger electric transport design.
    • Electrobus and trolley bus general arrangement.
    • Electrobus and trolley bus with autonomous motion: a comparative analysis of concepts.
    • Electrobus and trolley bus undercarriage design.
  4. Development, production and disposal problems.
    • Organization of scientific research on the subject.
    • Organization of development work on the subject.
    • Road passenger electric transport serial production specifics.
    • Road passenger electric transport and components disposal.

1The application may content any variations of topics. New topics may be proposed (optional).